Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

When it comes to supply chain management, your best bet is to go with a company that has plenty of experience with transportation management and third party logistics. At ATS Logistics Services, we've been in the supply chain management business for over 22 years, and we're part of a larger transportation company that has been an industry leader for over 55 years.

Using ATS Logistics Services for Your Supply Chain Management

When you use ATS Logistics Services for your supply chain management needs, you're getting an experienced network of professionals who can handle all of your third party logistics. This includes assembling and managing the resources, maintaining all of the capabilities and technologies of the supply chain and improving carrier performance through our centralized customer service center. Through our transportation management services, your company will experience a reduction in freight costs, improved reporting, consolidated invoices, and better inbound and outbound routing.

Our value-added services are also the best in the supply chain management industry. ATS Logistics Services will manage cross docking, merge in transit and shipment consolidation. We can also assist you with packaging, rigging, import and export services, and warehousing. When you combine these services with over 30,000 contracted carriers we use on a regular basis, you'll see that ATS Logistics Services offers the most flexible and comprehensive supply chain management solutions in North America.

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